YAM farmers across Nigeria have been called upon to as a matter of necessity consider forming cooperative societies among themselves in order for them to enjoy support from other groups

The call was made by the Chairman, Technical Committee of the Nigerian Yam Export Programme, Simon Irtwange.

Irtwang stated that Yam Cooperative Societies would create a platform for farmers to benefit from various support groups and provide solutions to Nigeria’s yam export problems

“The Ikorodu Light Terminal has been given to us and we want to have a Yam Park House there. It will be a one-stop-shop where farmers bring the yams for export physically to the park and do the cleaning and packaging there” He said.

This will be done under the supervision of the regulatory agencies, that is why the Committee is encouraging yam farmers to form cooperative societies.’’ He noted.

The Chairman also called for the registration of Women Yam Farmer’s Cooperative Societies and Youth’s Yam Farmer’s Cooperative Societies.